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 I've been struggling for a while to come up with a good write up about my whole weight loss journey. I always told myself when I was done, I would write it. Well, I've been stable and at a healthy weight for a good year and a half  now and I'm still not writing it. I'm going to start doing bits and pieces here until I can get the while thing coalesced. 

It would be easy to say the whole thing started with a missed beat. It just make the whole beginning so much neater, doesn't it? But the fact of the matter is that I had been unhappy about my weight since senior year of high school. The missed beat was just the catalyst that made me finally take the needed steps. That, and a picture. I hated that picture. It was a shot taken on my son's birthday of myself, Aaron, my sister and mother. When I first saw it, part of me wanted to know who that fat girl smiling on the end was. It couldn't be me... I wasn't that big. But I was. I still don't know the actual number on the scale for the time, but my conjecture, based on what the scale looked like after I got over the fear of stepping on it, was that I was likely in the neighborhood of 280 pounds. 280 pounds, 29 and scared that something was wrong with my heart. I made a decision at that point and told myself that while I was going to be overweight for my 30th birthday, I wasn't going to look the same at 40. 

At the beginning of May 2002, I started exercising. Even when I was my heaviest, I was alway active but I never did any serious exercise. I made the decision to row, because of my knee and because I had enjoyed it in the past. I got a Waterrower and started out with all of 5 minutes a day. That's was it, all of 5 minutes. From the beginning, I told myself I wasn't going to make the mistake that so many people seem to and jump into a starvation diet and excessive working out. I had seen friends lost weight quickly in that manner, but the pounds always came back to them, and seemed to bring friends in the process. For me, it wasn't going to be about speed, but rather about doing it right. 

When I started this process, I was a size 22. Well, not really. I was wearing a 22 but my clothing was snug. I just couldn't bring myself to buy the 24 I obviously was. By the time October hit, those 22s were more than loose... they fell off of me. I remember shopping in October of that same year, reveling in the 14s and 16s I was picking up. At the time, I realized that if I kept on the track I was on, I'd be able to shop in the normal clothing stores in the mall and that thought had me very happy.   

I think that will about do it for today. I've got a ton to do and I'm way behind on email on top of that!

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