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Aaron has decided we need a Bucket of Truth for the living room. Anyone know what we started watching last night?::g::

I pulled The Boy's report card from last year out to show him how much he'd improved; 10 instances of C's and 3 of D's... is it any wonder I'm so happy about the change?:D  He actually enjoyed looking over it and delighted in the fact that nothing has been below an 89 (1 instance) and the rest is predominantly mid-90's and up. As his finals have been graded, while there have been a couple of B's there (his Italian teacher is a notoriously hard end up year tester), right now his final grades all fall into A territory. 

We actually had a very pleasant afternoon together; walked to the diner for lunch and had a good talk. Got home and he had some chocolate sorbet and we talked a little more. He offhandedly mentioned that he wanted to buy a couple of video games so I had him grab his wallet. While I was bringing up his wish list I stopped short as he was counting up... kid is better funded than I am right now. Peggy pays him generously when he does work for her and he never buys much. Generally speaking, there is in my house at the moment one exceptionally happy teenager.

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