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I, as always, have big love for hilly places.
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Nailed it this time. 
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first try at a pumpkin biscotti. Less ginger and I need to figure out how to bump the pumpkin flavor up a bit.
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Peach crisp with soy cream maple reduction.

Having a good weekend and have a moment to pop in as Pete is making fresh pasta for tonight.

Plans for going on vacation next week have been made. Hoping to get some wind down time for the fella.

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It's hard to think of it this way, but this is my *adult* child. 21 in a few months and I'm still trying to figure out how. I know... passage of time and all but still... he's going to be 21. 
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Due to a snafu when he changed his schedule in June, Aaron doesn't have housing this year. This would have been so much easier if it had happened while we still lived in Jersey. He has been commuter kid for the last couple of days and doesn't seem to mind the four hours it takes out of his day. It's going to be a weird readjustment after losing him every fall for the past couple of years.

When we went to the Clark, I lost the ring on baby Leica that holds on the lens cap. After being unsure what to do, I called Gary. He told me to bring it (or mail it) along with my M9. As it turns out, there is a recall due to a bad sensor issue... And given the way it behaves sometimes, I think mine will be getting a new sensor. Plus side is that a new sensor, but the down is that I've really gotten some great shots a out of it lately and an itch to get out to use it more. I'm hoping to have it back before we manage to pry Pete from work so I have it wherever we end up going.

Because of making contact with Gary due to problems, Pete is a happy owner of some Leica binoculars. I decided after a particularly punishing week, he deserved something extra special. He has been wanting a pair for as long as I've been traipsing around the woods with I thought. He's actually wanted binoculars since he was a kid. I called Gary to check pricing since he had been so helpful with the camera. When he quoted me a price that was lower than B&H or Amazon and I told him as much. He told me that he would always takes care of his customers. He then called Leica to have it drop shipped since he didn't have it in stock. After trying a few reps, he told me he would call me back when he found someone. When I spoke to him later, he hadn't been able to find anyone, but knows the Leica U.S. president and called him. The end result was that the binoculars were in transit to me before I had even given him a cc number. And now Pete has a pair of Ultravid HD 8x32 binoculars that he adores.

Shifts happening in LJ have brought back a name I cut some time ago. Not comfortable with that. We shall have to see where this goes.

Gotta go. Sam is breaking the household "don't be a dick" rule and needs to be stopped.
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I'm pretty sure that if I disappeared tomorrow, 99% of my online friends wouldn't notice....I also think that is my own fault. I've given up in trying to cultivate things beyond a person here or there. Too many times of feeling burned has me in a weird place about my online interactions right now.

But it's also ok. My life isn't here any more. Not that it ever was so.... I exist more offline as the days pass because I never was fully invested. Now all of the anger and anguish keep me away as the constant barrage of what is negative seems to dominate. Cute kittens can only do much in the face of what online is now.

I miss netiquette. I miss good old-fashioned beating down of people being hateful. Calling out someone being hateful now leads to be called intolerant or bullying and my favorite... That you are somehow censoring someone. We exist in a world where asking someone for basic human decency is a bad thing.

I'm not leaving. This is more an explanation as to why I've been lukewarm at best when I am around. I no longer have anywhere I call my online home. How times have changed.
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Ok, rant deleted early. Once again, it's a case of me having trouble grasping people who subsist on hate. I mean, seriously what's the point of going through life that way? Being a decent human being has *nothing* to do with politics or religion and is something I believe any thinking creature should strive for.

Stick to your rules, Tracy. Don't try to change anyone's mind on the internet, and don't engage with obvious crazy people.

Today will be a photo editing day. I'm actually a few months behind at this point, which is less of an issue than usual since I haven't been out with a camera as much since we moved. I think I've got at least a half a dozen pieces from about 100 that will be worth something. I still laugh over the fact that a freakin' *rock* of all things is my favorite picture from this year.

This is not a good picture... I just like it because I like it. Terrible perspective, really. It's more of a reminder of what was a really nice day.

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So this is Rex, dubbed so after I commented one morning when we were out for breakfast that the car looked like a happy puppy waiting for us in the parking lot. We like Rex; Rex lets me have airbags.:D
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This is Théodore Rousseau's Farm in the Landes and it is my absolute favorite painting. It took him 25 years to paint as he tried to get it just so. The fellas took me to see it this past weekend as my very, very belated Mother's Day gift. We strolled the galleries, we walked the trails and I had a great day with my boys. I went back three times to look at this while we were there.

A walk through places like the Clark reminds me that people aren't always bad; that sometimes they can create beauty. It provides a strong and much needed contrast to a lot of what I've seen lately.

Aaron actually developed an affinity for Winslow Homer as we walked through. He even asked for a book, since he loved the seascapes so. Personally, I found Homer's styling to be ok...kinda masculine for my taste, actually. It was nice to see my child develop an affinity for art and nothing says we all like the same things.:) Well, unless we're talking about his putting ketchup on hot dogs. That's just *wrong*.
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See that guy standing in front of the picture? He stood there for several minutes and blocked everyone's view while he took pictures. Cropped out next to him is another woman taking pictures. I figured with a guard standing there while all of this happened, it meant that pics were ok... not a bad assumption as they are allowed in other parts of the Clark and others were doing so. I made sure I used no flash, stood out of everyone's way and took this. So when I walked away, putting my cap on and got chided for taking pictures, I was more than a little perplexed. ::shrug::

Pete calls this "Whistler's Spectator." 
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Kinda drowning in peaches. Started with muffins (of course) and I think there will also be a cobbler, sorbet and maybe even a cold peach soup as the idea intrigues me. Not a bit will be eaten by me on this one... I hate peaches.
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Gah. I'm admittedly a little cranky today and while I should do a proper entry at some point, you get this for now....

If you are living your life in constant judgement of other people, if you are getting angry over someone's perceived flaws that have absolutely no bearing on you, you are living your life wrong.

Argue if you like, but I think your headspace has better uses than that.
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This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a relaxing long weekend. Pete was eager to get out to further drive the new beast so we got errands out of our way this morning. Now it should just be sitting around and unwinding. 
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We found it, yay! Pete took today off and we are currently enjoying a beer and the fact we finally found the right table set for the porch.  Hooray for being able to do nothing, at least for a little bit. 
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